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The aim of the mentoring system is to provide a one-to-one meeting with each child after they have had a progress review.  

Key Stage 3 | Academic Mentoring

Support is provided at a progress review point held several times throughout the year. Progress reviews are sent home to parents for information. The form tutor will then use form time to discuss, on a one-to-one basis, the progress sheet, which contains information about each subject, the pupil’s target level and level achieved. The teacher will praise and reward the pupil for making good progress and discuss how the pupil is achieving this. The pupil will make suggestions about how they can improve in areas where they are not meeting their target level and will set themselves targets for success. The teacher provides guidance on how they can achieve the targets set and will liaise with teaching staff where necessary. This process is supported by the Head of Year who will place pupils onto a progress plan where appropriate. 

Key Stage 4 | Assertive Mentoring

This is every other month for Year 11 and Year 10. The information includes a target grade for each subject taken by the pupil and a predicted grade. The predicted grade is based upon current work ethic, test results and attitude.  

During form time, the form tutor has a one-to-one interview with each member of the form to discuss the pupil’s progress towards achieving their GCSE grades. Pupils are rewarded for good progress and discuss how they can improve in subjects where they are not meeting their target. The form teacher will liaise with staff to discuss the support that can be provided. This could include setting targets or arranging support at lunch time or after school.  

The mentoring provides guidance and support for pupils and provides information about how well the school is working towards meeting pupils target grades.